Expert in Intelligent (Transport) Systems




I'm a lecturer in the Open Informatics study programme. At the moment, I teach the Multi-Agent Systems graduate course. In the past, I also taught in the Artificial Intelligence course in the Cybernetics and Robotics study programme.

Student Projects Supervision

I conduct significant part of my teaching by supervising student projects. Each year, I supervise about five B.Sc. or M.Sc. final (thesis) projects. My key objective is to teach students how to apply the knowledge acquired during their study in a broadly integrative way to solve new, challenging technical problems. I put great emphasis on the methodology and I require the students to follow rigorous engineering and/or scientific process in their work. Whenever possible I make sure that project results are integrated into department's core research activities or are leveraged in other ways (e.g by spinning off a student start-up).  

In the recent years, I supervised the following thesis projects:

  • Multi-agent job allocation mechanism for courier services (P. Mezek, 2015)
  • Data-driven job allocation in taxi services with autonomous drivers (J. Zikeš, 2015)
  • Toolkit for Designing and Executing Simulation Experiments (T. Jeníček, 2013)
  • Simulation Testbed for On-demand Transport Algorithms (L. Čanda, 2013)
  • Optimization of Ticket Inspection in Public Transport Networks (M. Matyášek, 2013)
  • Agent-based Simulation Model of Public Transport Fare Inspection (P. David, 2013)
  • Agent-based Model of Travel Demand (M. Cuchý, 2013)
  • Web-based Application for Transport Network Crowdmapping (J. Fránek, 2013)
  • Smartphone-based Real-time Taxi Sharing System (D. Moidl, 2012)
  • Auction-based Taxi Allocation with Dynamic pricing (J. Zikeš, 2012)
  • Agent-based Model of Parcel Logistics (J. Starý, 2012)
  • Agent-based Model of Public Transport Fare Inspection (J. Sálus, 2012)
  • Smartphone-based Hiking Navigator (J. Brejcha, 2012)
  • Agent-based Simulation of Taxi Sharing (P. Mezek, 2012)
  • Smartphone-based Monitoring of Public Transportation Parameters (A. Varkočková, 2011)
  • Adaptive multi-modal Navigation on the Android platform (F. Havlíček, 2011)
  • Agent-based Modelling of Urban Crime (M. Modrý, 2011)
  • Agent-based Simulation of Urban Mobility (O. Milenovský, 2011)


If you are a student at the Czech Technical University or at another (preferably Prague-based) Czech university and are interested in a final project under my supervision, let me know.